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Full Till

The Northwest Full Till Tiller is backed by over 35 years of tiller technology and field use experience. It’s American made strong and durable for breaking virgin ground, cutting sod, alfalfa and pasture and will prepare that ground for seeding in just one pass.
We make Northwest tillers in sizes from 4 feet all the way up to 30 feet wide. Nobody else – import or domestic – makes heavy-duty tillers as big or as good as Northwest. The full till action of this unit eliminates soil clods, resulting in even water penetration and improved earth to seed contact for better germination.

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"We discovered it is very effective as a come-from-behind machine. Its very effective at burying grass and chopping it into tiny pieces, much more than a regular disc. That way it decomposes and helps the soil." -Ron Piazza, Piazza Farms